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Do You Need a Contingency Fee Lawyer – Who Should You Call?

My five-year-old son Mark and his cousin James were playing in our backyard one afternoon. They had an inflatable swimming pool, and were  enjoying themselves playing with a large beach ball.

When the ball rolled out of our backyard into the street, Mark got out of the pool and cautiously stepped out into the street to retrieve their ball. Mark knew how to look left, then right, up, then down the street whenever he had to step out on his own. I was in the kitchen preparing supper when I heard the screech of tires outside our home, and the screams of children right after that. Mark had been hit by a car, and as I ran out the door, I saw a battered pick up speeding out of sight.

Our neighbors having a barbeque at their garden were able to get the plate number. After visiting the police station, the culprit was quickly apprehended at a road block. Mark had two broken legs.

I am filing several cases against the driver, who was drunk. I am looking for a contingency fee lawyer, as Mark’s medications are fantastic. I don’t have to pay a contingency fee lawyer right away? Where do I find a contingency lawyer?



Long Beach, CA


A. You are right Maria. A contingency fee lawyer and a client pre-agrees on a percentage that the lawyer is entitled to after a case has been won, and payment for damages has been paid by a perpetrator. There will be no need for the client to part with cash upon retaining the lawyer. Getting a contingency fee lawyer is a sound idea in your case, as you have hard evidence against the perpetrator.

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Do You Need a Contingency Fee Lawyer – Who Should You Call?